“Hair Heaven Waiver”

I acknowledge that the service is final after the extension application. Any changes to style or colour I want to achieve after application is complete will be charged accordingly and additionally.

I acknowledge that hair extensions are sensitive and feel different from intact human hair. I have been educated by my twosixsix extension specialist on the daily maintenance and after care procedure including appropriate hair care products tailored to my extensions. I will follow the maintenance and after care procedures to keep my hair extensions in the best possible condition.

I acknowledge that I have inspected and approved the hair extensions that are to be installed into my hair.

In the event that I decide not to keep the hair extensions, I am fully responsible for the total payment of the hair, and the services rendered as part of the application. I also understand the explanations of the entire procedure, and I am aware that with proper care on my part, they should span the entire lifespan specified by your twosixsix extension specialist.

I understand that if an allergic reaction occurs or if the extension simply do not agree with your natural hair over time, salon twosixsix or your hair extension specialist is not liable. The charge for the removal of the original hair extensions is an additional fee.